It’s Almost Summer

Sculpture at Art Gallery of NSW
Sculpture at Art Gallery of NSW

As I headed to the Art Gallery of NSW this morning, it was already bloody warm outside.

An hour or two in the gallery provided some welcome relief to an otherwise almost unexpectedly warm day.

I was at the gallery for a work-related activity. But in between keeping an eye on things, it was great just to have time to wander around the gallery for a while.

In the current exhibitions, unfortunately, there was nothing which really grabbed me. I did, however, enjoy having a look around some of the classic works of Dobel, Roberts etc.

Coming outside I felt the warmth again as I walked through The Domain. A bite or two followed in Chinatown, and then I came home.

I’m pretty sure we hit at least thirty-degrees and it felt like it.

But it wasn’t too hot to have an afternoon nap, and for a walk around the park.

When I arrived home, I even considered putting on the air conditioner.

And that’s the weather from Sydney.

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Summer

  1. Ah summer… I am heading in the reverse direction here. So sad. Time for me to come to Oz again.

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