Gotta Get Away

Lismore Roundabout
Lismore Roundabout

You know how I was rabbiting on about the cold the other day?

Could I cope with a Swedish spring or autumn – I never mentioned winter – as opposed to the glorious summer?

What I should have been asking was whether I could cope with a Sydney spring?

WTF? A couple of weeks ago it was over 30 degrees. Today I went to work wearing a scarf.

For the last few days at work I’ve been doing some reasonably involved, complex things.

Thus, both last night and tonight I’ve come home fairly exhausted.

Though I made a brief visit to the pub last night, and a walk around the shops of Darlinghurst this afternoon, I’ve ended up coming home and falling asleep on the couch both nights, only to wake a few hours later.

I think I need a couple of days off soonish. And probably a trip home to Lismore at some point over the next few weeks for a few days. That would be good. A damn site warmer than Sydney also I’d imagine.

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