Soccer Saturday

702 United Team Photograph
702 United Team Photograph

Yes, I know the correct term in Australia these days is probably football, not soccer.

But after forty years of calling it soccer, I’ve become a little set in my ways.

A bit like my granny, really, who never converted to decimal currency.

Most of my childhood conversations with granny revolved around converting between dollars and cents and pounds, shillings and pence.

Even now I can do the calculations in my head reasonably quickly.

But that’s not what today was about. Today was about travelling to Valentine Park in Western Sydney to watch 702 United play Tokyo Bay in the World Masters Games.

Even though I’m not a sports fan, I found the day reasonably enjoyable. The match ended up a nil-all draw, even though the 702 team were, in my view, the team. That said, Tokyo Bay were good at defence, and I guess that explains the results.

Highlights of the day included a couple of overheard conversations…

“What would you expect to me be like? I’m forty-F%^&*-ing years old…” and…

“Water, water I need water…” one player was forever asking for water from the sideline.

“That’s exactly how I feel”, said a colleague of mine who was a little hung-over from the night before.

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  1. it’s called football dammit! Despite having grown up with the term soccer once I saw the world cup, I realised that we were a bit off from the rest of the world and mended my dastardly ways…I guess it didn’t have quite so much time to get entrenched for me though ;)

    p.s I saw that swedish film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN…hmph. overrated!!

    1. I quite enjoyed “Låt den rätte komma in” and have been meaning to write about it for some time. I’ve had a “review” in draft which I must finish sometime.

  2. Actually the name of the game is Association Football.
    Use of the unqualified ‘football’ causes confusion when you speak of the game in Australia. As in “… australian football..”

    Australian Football is our home grown game, not Association Football played in Australia.

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