East Side Stories

It’s Wednesday, so of course I went to the pub.

However, I’ve also spent a fair bit of the day and night listening to the new CD by Peter Jöback, “East Side Stories”. Wow. What an amazing CD. Peter sings wish such an incredible passion.

I’ve heard him sing in English and Swedish, and I saw him perform live last year in Stockholm with Eva Dahlgren, but this is the best thing I’ve ever heard him do.

A few years ago he did a CD of cover versions, called “Story Book”, but they were mostly jazz and show tune “standards”.

This latest one is a collection of more contemporary songs.

The song which moves me most on the CD is “Our Mutual Friend”, by the English band, “Divine Comedy”. And although it’s a nice enough song when they perform it, in the hands of Peter, it’s sublime!

The song ends dramatically with…

I woke up the next day,
All alone but for a headache,
I stumbled out, to find the bathroom,
But all I found was him,
Wrapped around another lover,
No longer then,
Is he our mutual friend.

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