Peter Jöback in Nyköping

I first discovered Peter Jöback through the musical, "Kristina från Duvemåla". He was one of the musical's main characters and sang one of the show's most popular songs, "Guldet blev til sand" (The Gold Turns To Sand). Since then, thanks to my friend Grant, I've been introduced to a lot more of Peter's works. I've … Continue reading Peter Jöback in Nyköping

Melancholy Baby

I don't exactly know how it happened, but it's happened: sometime in the last week or so I became addicted to Swedish pop-jazz-rock group, Bo Kaspers Orkester. This, of course, replaces my previous week's addition to the work of Swedish pop singer, Magnus Carlsson. One of the things I really love about Magnus is his … Continue reading Melancholy Baby

Crying At The Discoteque

After years of listening to Swedish pop via record, CD, downloads and, more recently Youtube, I have now listened, watched, experienced, and danced to it, in its natural environment. I went out last night to Lino. Although as an Australian I was tempted to refer to it as “lie-no”, of course it's actually “lee-no”. In … Continue reading Crying At The Discoteque