Never Leaving My Bed

Digital Radio

Digital Radio

You might recall I recently bought one of the new eeepc’s – 1008ha seashell – which means I can now surf the web (and blog) from my bed.

Well tonight I bought some more technology: a digital radio specifically for my bedroom.

I’ve been holding off on buying a digital radio, believing all of those on the market so far have been over-priced. With an entry level price of around $129, and most priced in the $200-300 range, I’ve been holding off on making a purchase. It’s my personal view, they’ve been unnecessarilly overpriced. I mean, how much do the chips inside actually cost?

I’ve been holding off on a proper purchase for the lounge-room. And I’ve been looking at a nice radio tuner (which combines a wifi service) in the price range of about $500 which would integrate nicely with my home hi-fi. For my purposes, the wifi integration and home hifi is pretty important.

So I’ve been holding off on buying something cheaper because I’ve been waiting for something really cheap for the bedroom or bathroom, as well as the more upper-level receiver.

But then last weekend I spotted something at Dick Smith at Rhodes which I thought would offer me something “entry level” for the bedroom.

It’s a Kaiser Baas DAB+

DAB+ Band III with FM (87.5 – 108MHz)
Auto and manual Scan
10 presets for favourite FM and DAB+ stations
Two line backlit LCD Display
Dynamic Range Control

In my bedroom, I don’t need a high level sound-system. And I don’t need anything with big speakers that are only going to annoy the neighbours. I need something small and clear.

And at $84 this is about as good as it gets (at the moment at least). I still think they’re over-priced, by the way.

But tonight, I’ve been lying in bed tuning around the dial.

And now, with an eee and a digital radio (and a lovely breeze coming through the window), I feel as though I may never have to leave my bed ever again. :)

Except of course to go into the lounge-room to watch The Walkleys. I need a better television in my bedroom :)