Saddle Up

Saddle Bar
Saddle Bar

Graeme and I went out for a drink (or two) tonight at the newly opened Saddle Bar on Oxford Street.

And as the name suggests, you actually get to sit on seats which resemble saddles, and which get very bloody uncomfortable after a while.

Aside from the seats, we had a lovely time chatting and having a drink which kept reminding me of the video clip for “Life At The Outpost” by The Skatt Brothers.

If I had been doing Movember, I’m sure I would have completed the look for a late 70s, early 80s flashback. :)

Aside from that, life is going well. I’m doing my new job and loving it. And that’s really I have to say right now, I guess.

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  1. Andrew

    We of a certain vintage do have fond memories of Life at the Outpost.

  2. James

    It was one of my favourite songs in my formative years Andrew. The Skatt Bros have a lot to answer for :)

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