Boxing Day II

I went out for lunch today at one of my favourite local Chinese restaurants, Noodle Star. It’s in the Surry Hills Shopping Centre, formerly known as The Redfern Mall on Cleveland Street. I go there usually once a week, as they do a terrific versions of Singapore Noodles, Rainbow Beef and BBQ Pork. As it was a bit cold and wet today, I thought a soup was in order. As local Chinese restaurants go, it’s pretty good. The food is always fresh, you can see behind the counter and know their hygiene standards are high, and the prices are low.

Aside from that, I’ve spent a fair bit of the day reading a Christmas present, Ray Martin’s autobiography and watching television. There was a terrific Judy Garland bio-pic which I’ve seen once before, and which I dipped in and out of while channel-hopping. There was also an extended interview/infomercial with Sarah Palin on Fox News. I tried to watch, I really did.

And I also desperately tried to have an afternoon nap. The problem I faced in getting to sleep was that I kept “thinking”. Normally, I can sleep almost literally standing up. But for some reason today, even though my body was weak and wanted a rest, my mind was going at a thousand miles an hour. Bloody hell.

The other thing that took a little time today was a few work related phone calls. No dramas, just looking ahead to make sure the SS Wireless continues on its steady path.

Today was Boxing Day and tomorrow is a Public Service Holiday, according to the Federal Government which employs me, so officially I’m not at work tomorrow either. However…

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  1. Oh dear, did I miss “Me and My Shadow” on TV? I wanted to show that to Nico but haven’t been able to easily find it *cough* online *cough*.

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