Reasons to Smile

Reason to smile no. 1 - Yummy food at David Jones
Reason to smile no. 1 - Yummy food at David Jones

There were lots of reasons to smile today.

After getting into work early, I popped into the David Jones Food Hall for lunch.

Seated beside me was a woman who I would best describe as a combination of Edina from Ab-Fab and Noelene from Sylvania Waters. And I mean that in a charmingly, good way.

In the half hour or so we sat next to each other, she must have made half a dozen calls to various family members, during which she discussed “the boat”, the daughter who doesn’t love her and who is a “stupid as her father” (her ex), and her son’s new girlfriend.

“You know she threw up straight after Christmas lunch”, she said to her son. “How long have you known her? Six months? Do you love her? I think she’s pregnant. But darling if you love her, and you want to spend your life with her I’m happy to sponsor her to keep her in the country”, she added.

All of this was happening while she was knocking back a couple of glasses of Chandon, and frankly, I thought I was going to wet my pants laughing, as the family conversations got even more and more detailed. These were not quiet conversations, and I suspect the couple on the other side were enjoying them as much as I did.

Another reason to smile today was the lovely weather, with Hyde Park absolutely full, as people enjoyed the sunshine after several cloud days.

And coming back to Surry Hills, I spotted a lovely car decorated with “Just Married” signs. Awwww :)

After a late afternoon nap – it’s actually a public service holiday – I caught up with John for dinner in Newtown.

I’ve known John now for almost 20 years, and we had lots to chat about.

So overall, a day in which there were many reasons to smile.

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