Christmas on Oxford Street

Taylor Square Christmas Tree
Taylor Square Christmas Tree

“It’s like being in a Latvian gay bar on a Tuesday night”, was the text message I sent to Graeme about being in Palms earlier tonight.

And I should know, after all I went to one on my trip last year. It was an occasion when, literally, they opened the bar and turned on the music when I arrived.

It’s not what you’d expect in Sydney though in the week between Christmas and NY.

But after a few days of work and sleep, I was feeling a little restless tonight, and having decided “The Best of British” on Foxtel wasn’t enough to keep me amused, I popped down to Oxford Street tonight for a bit of a look around.

“Sundays is never good at Palms” was the reply which came from Graeme who is currently in Adelaide, sampling life there.

The Christmas decorations at Palms were pretty good though, I must say, even if there were only a handful of people there. Maybe it picked up later?

Of course, it was a little busier down the road at the Midnight Shift, where the retro night highlight was a very grainy, scratchy video clip of “Male Stripper” by Man2Man. Readers of a certain age and persuasion may remember this as a dance hit from about 1985, as I recall.

Put simply, despite the decorations, and despite the musical memories, Oxford Street was pretty quiet tonight.

Sadly, the highlight for me was eating tacos for dinner and watching a drag show, and having a laugh at the Christmas tree made from “body building supplies”.

I’m easily amused though.

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