9.00pm Friday in Sydney

Even on a Friday night, it can be hard to find somewhere to eat in Sydney after nine o’clock.

This is not a new thing, but it seems to have worsened since COVID, with many restaurants closed.

I remember arriving in Rome a few years ago, and the incredulity of the waiter to my assumption that at 9.30pm I was already “too late” for a meal. He just didn’t understand why I would even think that.… Read the rest “9.00pm Friday in Sydney”

Oxford Street

There was a time, during the 90s and 00s, when Oxford Street, Darlinghurst was a fairly buzzy, lively place to visit.

Bars and restaurants were full, even on quiet nights of the week.

But then the licensing laws changed, and people went online to meet others. And then, COVID.

Oxford Street is still pretty buzzy on Friday and Saturday nights. But when you go for a walk at other times, you’ll see the reality of lots of empty shops.… Read the rest “Oxford Street”

Big Friday Night

“You had a big night”, one of my friends said to me over lunch on the weekend, remarking that we’d corresponded a few times by messenger. “You were at The Bears, and then you were at Palms”, he said. I remember texting him about a song I’d heard at Harbour City Bears at Kinsela’s. It was an awesome remix of an old song by the Pet Shop Boys, later re-recorded and featured in the TV show, “It’s A Sin”.… Read the rest “Big Friday Night”

Right Place/Time

“Are you alright there, mate?”, I was asked by one of the workers (presumably the supervisor) chopping down trees on nearby Cleveland Street earlier today. Along with about a dozen others, I was there simply waiting for a bus. He was obviously mindful of the potentially political and social impact of chopping down trees, these days. As it was a significant local event, I told him I took a couple of photographs, primarily for this blog, and because I like history-making events.… Read the rest “Right Place/Time”

Sydney’s Lockout

I got excited yesterday morning. I heard on the radio there were going to be a bunch of late night parties around Sydney to celebrate the end of the “lock-out”.

The lock-out was introduced six years ago, in response to a series of alcohol-related violent attacks. As I recall, those attacks occured much earlier in the night, but the response was to restrict alcohol and trading hours around the city. Essentially, from 1.30am, you were “locked out” from entering bars in central parts of Sydney.… Read the rest “Sydney’s Lockout”