Still Warm

My Window View
My Window View

The view from my bedroom window isn’t a spectacular one. I don’t have harbour views. I don’t have the mountains. I don’t have salacious views of the neighbours. But I do have trees, lovely trees.

And at this time of the year, even though the sun rises and casts an early morning light into my room that wakes me, the trees protect me from the heat. Thus, at this time of the year, my bedroom is a bit of an oasis. When the rest of my apartment is warm, I can come in here and enjoy the cool.

Even though it would have been good to, I didn’t spend the entire day in my bedroom :)

I was invited out tonight for dinner with a bunch of blokes for dinner at The Balkan.

As soon as the invitation came I was already salivating at the thought of char-grilled baby octopus which is what I eventually had for dinner tonight. It was, as I expected, to die for. And accompanied by a lovely pinot grigio, and surrounded by good fun, conversation, I was as happy as a pig in mud.

Now, with minutes until midnight, I’m a bit tired. I’ve got a fair bit on at work this week, and so need to hit the sack pretty soon.

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