I really should pay more attention to the weather forecast on the radio, shouldn’t I? I mean, I was actually in at work today, and was actually listening to the radio all of the time I was there, but somehow I didn’t actually note the forecast for a heavy shower. But I shouldn’t feel so bad, as it looks like I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard the forecast.

I was wandering through Chinatown at the time when the storm hit. Hardly anyone had an umbrella, so everyone just headed for the nearest awning and stayed put for as long as it lasted. I ran into a bloke who I knew from my days in Wagga. He told me he had been in The Peak shopping centre and, as he came out, looked up at the window above. “That’s a water feature I hadn’t noticed before”, he joked. As is the usually case in Sydney, bucket-loads of rain came from the sky for a short period of time, and then, just as quickly, disappeared. Late this afternoon, it remains reasonably humid.

I was anxious to get home as quickly as possible, though, as I had hatched a plan I was determined to complete. I decided to disconnect my video player from the “home entertainment centre” today. Even though it’s quite a good one, I haven’t used it in a few years. And even though there’s the chance I MIGHT use it one day, it seems to me it’s now just a big digital clock. I bought it back in 2002, and even though digital recorders have come along since then, I never quite got around to the newer technology.

With Foxtel and a good broadband connection, I just kinda jumped from watching and video free-to-air television to watching pay, and downloading anything I missed, wanted to see or keep. Plus, I also get to preview quite a few shows though work. Today I brought home a few episodes of Glee, a series I discovered far too late. I also watched a Swedish film called, Himlens hjärta. Unlike the last Swedish film I saw, Män som hatar kvinnor this one had subtitles which made it a little easier to follow. The Swedes make great relationship films, I think. And this one is about two marriages and how they feel about and deal with infidelity.

So all in all, a quietish day. Lunch and drinks with some visiting friends of Colin tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Sudden Storm

  1. I’m continually stumbling across TV shows far too late, so it’s either DVD or bit torrent for me. I’m currently watching Mad Men and (if you can believe it), The West Wing. So what, I like to make an entrance.

  2. That’s an amazing photo – did you play with it or is it just as it was taken?

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