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“I’ve got a spread-sheet listing accommodation, transportation and entertainment on a day to day basis”, I told Damien when we chatted online today. “I’m sure you have”, he replied. I think Damien thinks I tend to overplan things, whereas my friend Graeme thinks I underplan things. For example, I’m sure Graeme thinks I should have purchased thermal underwear by now, whereas I’m happy to wait until I get to Sweden to see if I need it, and then to purchase the right kind of thermal underwear for the climate. On the other hand, I’m happy that I’ve booked all but a few days accommodation (and have made good savings due to the advance notice), and have purchased tickets to a number of concerts and other activities I’m planning to attend. It’s odd, though, since Graeme tends to be a last minute-traveller, whereas I like to plan in advance. We all travel differently I guess.

Anyway, today I booked some more accommodation and plotted things out a bit more. Today I booked a hotel in Gävle, Hotell Gävle for two nights, co-inciding with the ABBA Tribute featuring Magnus Carlsson amongst others in nearby Sandviken. I haven’t actually worked out how I’m getting between Gävle and Sandviken, though there’s probably a bus or train or something. And I also booked a bed in a dormitory for a few days at same hostel I stayed eighteen months ago. It’s clean, well-located, and a good price.

So I’m clear now that I have only five days accommodation in Stockholm to think about. My head tells me I should probably just book into the same hostel but my heart tells me I should keep my options open in case I decide to do something different. So in summary, half my trip will be in budget (but nice) single rooms (barely able to swing a cat and half with shared facilities) and roughly half will be in hostels. There’s also a few days here and there in nice accommodation too.

I like balance. And I guess that’s why I like the Swedish word, “lagom”. Although I understand there’s no direct translation for the world in English, the essence of it is “just the right amount”.

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  1. he! LAGOM is the only swedish word I remember cos it is my favourite! that sure looks like some boutique hostel, maybe I should go…I like planning in advance too especially accommodation(I’ve tried to wing it before in some remote place and everything was booked out as the town was hosting many events- this resulted in a somewhat dangerous night drive quite a few hundred kilometres(actually this has happened more than once)…In any case the not knowing kind of makes for a bit of “excitement” too.

    I like to have a general idea of where I will be…but I like to leave some flexibility in the schedule to indulge in unforeseen serendipities that might crop up.

  2. I don’t think you over-plan, I just don’t think you take enough holidays ;-)

    For relatively short-medium trips like yours planning is essential, and I also think it’s half the fun! Doing the research well in advance saves money, keeps you focussed on the trip ahead and means that all the hard work is done when you arrive, leaving you free to enjoy the reasons you’re meant to be there in the first place.

    When I did my whirlwind trip through Europe in 2007 I’d planned it all months in advance, and even had all the reservations, check-in dockets and other info neatly arranged – in order – in a plastic-covered folder. I felt like a tour director!

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