Window Shopping

Shoes make me happy
Shoes make me happy. Sign spotted opposite Westfield, Bondi Junction, Sydney

I spotted a great sign at the shoe shop opposite Westfield Bondi Junction.

“Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.”

You can imagine it’s one of those sometimes overheard direct quotes you come across.

You’re sitting on a bus listening in to someone’s conversation, and then all of a sudden you hear someone say that.

And you instantly realise you ever have to write it down, Tweet it, or get off the bus as quickly as possible before you wet your pants laughing.

I caught the bus to Bondi Junction on a whim today.

With my big holiday just four weeks or so away, I’m doing my best NOT to spend money at the moment, which generally involves staying at home.

But, feeling a little stir crazy, I walked down the street with the intention of “doing something”.

And when I saw the 355 come towards me, I thought “buggar it”, and got on there, hoping a little retail therapy might help. And believe me, that’s a big call, because I’m not a good shopper.

I wandered around Westfield Bondi Junction for a while, had a look at a camera in the window with the RRP of $399 but a sale price of $499 (I got tired of waiting for customer service for them to explain that one to me), and generally bummed around for a while. Total consumption? Four dollars on an Easy Way lemon shaved ice drink.

On the way back home I popped into Sacred Heart church for a moment, as we Catholics are sometimes inclined to do. After all those years when it was looking a little derelict, I still remark on what a beautiful job they’ve done in renovating and re-opening the church. It’s quite a beautiful environment.

And then this afternoon I watched the Mary Whitehouse bio-pic on iview which was interesting enough, though I did have a light afternoon nap during it.

And here it is almost nine o’clock on Saturday night, and I’m contemplating how to spend the rest of my evening.

Some more window shopping perhaps?

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