Imaginery Internet Friends

Midnight Shift Drag Show
We ended up seeing a drag show at the Midnight Shift.

It’s surprisingly warm tonight, and so of course I can’t sleep.

I should be able to, because I had a reasonably late night last night with friends.

What was going to be a quick drink, somehow turned into something somewhat bigger.

I was a little sluggish at work today, and tonight I feel like I need a good sleep, but I just can’t get there yet.

Ah well, you get that. And no regrets, of course, because it was loads of fun.

One of the lovely and unexpected things that happened while having a drink with a mate on the weekend was a bloke who came up to me and said… “I enjoy reading your blog” to which I replied, rather startled, thankyou very much.

He then asked me “when are you leaving”? What a nice man to have the courage to come up to a complete stranger and offer such a lovely comment. Thank you. It takes more guts than I probably have.

And of course I was both surprised and flattered to be reminded that people actually read my blog.

But then I thought to myself I read lots of blogs about the lives of people I don’t know also.

And I love reading about their lives and feel like I know them. Or at least part of them.

Carol from Don & Carol calls these people her “imaginary internet friends”.

In the last few years, Tom has quit his job because he was bored with it, and wanted to pursue something more meaningful; Tyson also quit his job recently because he hated it and he’s about to move to Sydney; Monty came out of the closet and went on a fairly concerted search for a boyfriend, which occured; Mark moved to Sydney and then back to Perth, completed a Phd and is now looking for work; and Mary-Helen got on with the job of de-cluttering and renovating.

More recently, I’ve started reading some other blogs including Andrew and Victor, who exposed himself briefly to the world with a photograph (I saw it Victor, albeit briefly). And recently I’ve begun to read about Sandra and Roger who both live in Sweden. And there’s heaps of others I love reading.

Yes, I have real friends too. And some of them including Andrew, Graeme and Grant have their own blogs.

But it’s nice to have these internet friends also. People whose lives I find interesting, because they’re mostly fairly honest about what’s happening in their lives, though thankfully, don’t get bogged down in unnecessary and uninteresting detail.

Deep down, reading these blogs is both entertaining and perhaps also meeting a much deeper and fulfilling an otherwise unfulfilled need in my life.

Such are the thoughts you consider when it’s midnight and you should be asleep.


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