Night without Noise

My Headphones
My Headphones

“I’m having a quiet night. A night without noise”, I told my friend Sue as we chatted online tonight.

Because my life is so full of noise – I listen to the radio at work and at home – sometimes I really need a break. I need a night without noise.

And tonight was one of those nights, those I eventually did end up listening to the radio for a while.

And I also had a couple of phone calls tonight.

I chatted with Graeme for a while about something happening in his life. I chatted with my distant cousin Barry about the forthcoming O’Brien Family Reunion, and I had a phone call from my Swedish teacher, Marianne, confirming the recommencement of classes next Tuesday night.

“How did you cope with all of the hot weather?”, she asked.

“How did you cope with all of the cold weather?’, I responded, as she has spent some time in the last couple of months in Sweden where they’ve regularly recorded sub-zero temperatures, and where I read the other day, Stockholm has recorded its coldest January on record.

But for the most part, tonight I sat in silence.

And no, I don’t mean in a “hello darkness my old friend” depressing kind of way.

I mean in a way of just enjoying the sound of nothing. No TV, no radio. Surprisingly, even the neighbours who normally watch a floor rumbling DVD on Tuesday nights had a quiet one.

For a while I sat on the balcony tonight and just listened to the rain.

Gosh it was good. It’s raining again now, actually. What a welcome relief.

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  1. During the day, the radio is always on. In the evening, the tv is usually on. But I have occasionally been doing as you did, that is turning everything off. I won’t mention anything about summer radio programming.

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