Wednesday Night Drinks

Turned down one drinks invite, missed the other. Grrrr.
Turned down one drinks invite, missed the other. Grrrr.

It’s not often I turn down a drinks invitation. And it’s not often I miss a drinks invitation, but I did both tonight.

Normally on a Wednesday night, I’d head off to the pub with John, Graeme and miscellaneous others (depending on who is around that week) for a bite to eat, a chat, and a beer or two.

The pub we go to is a fairly sleepy suburban pub where there’s usually only a handful of customers on a Wednesday night, and usually only one barman working.

But tonight, I didn’t feel like going to the pub. I NEEDED another night at home listening to nothing, as I did last night.

At the moment at work I find I’m talking and listening a lot. I’m doing a fair bit of training as part of my job. And you know what it’s like… after a while you get sick of the sound of your own voice… and you feel like you just need to shut up?

Well, that’s how I felt tonight. I just wanted/needed a quiet night at home without the television, without the radio. I’ve been listening to a fair bit of music, though, and watching/downloading some clips from Youtube, especially those from Kristina The Musical.

It’s such a great musical about a group of Swedish immigrants who move to America in the 19th century at about the time of the gold rushes. And as I watched Peter Jöback sing “Guldet blev till sand” (the gold turned into sand), where he has to tell the lead character about the death of her brother, a little tear rolled down my cheek…

Don’t worry… this clip comes with Swedish subtitles.

So even though I didn’t get to see my mates tonight, I’m happy with the evening as a moment of peace and quiet which I kinda feel I need at the moment.

In rather disturbing news, however, I missed a further drinks invitation from a bloke via Twitter who I met earlier today, and who will be at the same conference I’m at in Copenhagen in a few weeks time.

But perhaps it’s best that I missed a drinks invitation that says “come and play”…. ? :) :) It would have been fun, though…

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    1. I KNOW. It’s very tempting, but I’ve locked myself into a cheap airfare, and I can’t take any more leave at the moment. But yes, V. tempting.

  1. that’s interesting you went all quiet mode…I noticed that happend to me too in recent days…I figured it was just childhood regression mode…but then again, I do love my astrological conspiracy theories, lol, just another reason why I like to observe you for any patterns…

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