Stockholm inatt

I’m spending the night in watching television and hand-washing clothes. It’s one of the less glamorous parts of travelling. But at least this time I’m doing it in hotels, not hostels.

Television has been good. There’s a fantastic show called Svenska Hollywood Fruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives), a reality show about a group of Swedish women who are “trophy wives” in Hollywood. I think I could get addicted to this program. I hope it’s available on DVD, as I will definitely bring it back with me.

And a fantastic comedian, Petra Mede, who hosted last year’s Melodifestivalen, has her own show now. Her guests tonight have been Marie from A-Teens who revealed her favourite ABBA song as “Mamma Mia” (really?) and Tommy Korberg, a very famous Swedish singer. Petra’s “straight man” (and I use that word phrase loosely) is Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar. I love Petra. I think she’s great.

But I also wandered out tonight for a little while. Having spent a fair bit of the day preparing for my presentation at the conference, I didn’t quite get my “fix” of Stockholm today. So I wandered around the city for a while and took my camera with me.

I realised earlier I didn’t have any good quality photographs of Stockholm at night. I have a few I’ve taken on my mobile phone, but I’ve tended to leave my camera at home at night. So tonight I went on a photographic assignment to document “Stockholm Tonight”. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

The only image manipulation involved has been increasing the ISO on my camera to 800 for some of the shots. It’s a beautiful city, even on a COLD night, eh?


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