Glass of wine at Broome

Glass of wine at Broome

Like many people I like alcohol far too much.

I’m not alone in this, of course.

On the other hand I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life.

I’ve never been tempted.

And it’s kinda surprising because I grew up in an extended family with people who drank and smoked quite a bit.

Thus, I wax and wane between finding smoking really objectionable and not caring so much.

Sometimes I find cigarettes really objectionable. Visiting Copenhagen a few weeks ago, for example, where they still allow smoking in bars was quite a wake up call. It was quite a reminder about how much I actually really dislike smoking.

Other times I don’t worry so much. Usually at parties, for example, I hang out with the smokers. They get to stand outside, they get to hang around in groups. I like that.

I also wax and wane between feeling sorry for the modern stigma associated with people who smoke, and feeling they should all just come to their senses and give up.

I think many other people share these mixed feelings I have.

When I watched the news tonight – sorry, I mean the 7pm Project – they talked about the price increase and the new “world-leading” decision for generic packaging.

They also mentioned the smoking rate is now down to 19%, and that a further price increase is likely to force about 10% of smokers to give up.

I know how difficult I would find to give up alcohol, so I wish all of my friends who are now thinking about giving up smoking all the best.