Centrebet taking bets on Swedish royal family
Centrebet taking bets on Swedish royal family

I wasn’t feeling all that inspired tonight.

I got home from work, sent a friend a fax (yes a fax) with information which I hope will solve his computer problem, and turned on the television.

I was trying to avoid Swedish homework, as it’s a rather boring grammar exercise. Couldn’t I just go along, order a couple of beers pa svenska, and chat about my trip?

I know Monday night is supposed to be the best night for watching television, but tonight everything seemed tiresome.

I know I could have watched Australian Story, Four Corners and such, and have been inspired. But frankly, I was in search of something a little more low-brow.

I tuned in to “The Biggest Loser”. Have you ever watched that show? Gosh it’s awful. I watched it briefly, and there was an awful man who kept shouting at the people he is supposed to be helping. Flick.

And then I tuned over to Fox, and there was a terrible beat-up story about male and female toilets.

More channel flicking.

Clearly in a grumpy mood, I switched off the television, the radio and my music player, and I just enjoyed some peace and quiet.

In the midst of this grumpiness, Patrick gave me a laugh.

In response to my post about the Swedish Royal Wedding Snow Dome, he noted

the only “special event” they’re taking bets on at the moment on Centrebet is the birth of the Swedish prince/princess’ kid, ie boy or girl, what month, what year.

What a laugh. Thank God for Patrick!

2 thoughts on “TGFP

  1. The Biggest Loser is an acquired taste, you need to watch over the whole series to get to know the contestants and follow their progress. I watched for the first few years but haven’t really seen much of it this year. I suspect the rude guy was “The Commando” who seems a complete asshole, but he gets results…

    So, did you place a bet?

    1. How would I know about the breeding patterns of Swedish royalty? :) Agree with you about Biggest Loser and following the contestants. Unfortunately the bit I saw was just about the rude guy. He might get results but…

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