Tasty Sunday

Dosa at Maya Restaurant
Dosa at Maya Restaurant

One of my post-holiday resolutions has been to eat more healthily.

A week down the track and I’m still doing it, which I’m really pleased about.

For lunch today I went to the vegetarian Indian place just around the corner on Cleveland Street, where I had the paneer dosa.

And then tonight for dinner I had vegetarian tacos. For the tacos, I admit, I probably used a little too much sour cream. But the sentiment to eat more healthily remained.

I also guess it didn’t help that Graeme and I had a drink at The Shift which was loads of fun. However as we (almost) kept to our self-imposed promise to leave before 9-o’clock, I maintain the sentiment was kept there also.

This desire to watch what I eat arises from my recent weight loss.

Who would have thought if you eat sensibly and exercise you can lose quite a bit of weight?

And although I’m not walking anywhere near as much as I did while I was in Sweden – I just don’t have that capacity in my day – I have resolved to keep up the healthy eating.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon with Graeme.

One of the highlights was when a bloke came up to me and said hello who I hadn’t seen in 15 or 16 years. Maybe longer.

We were on a training course many years ago. I recognised his face instantly. His name came seconds later.

It’s amazing how a name, an occasion, a memory from such a long time ago can come flooding back so vividly.

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