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Governor Arthur Phillip
Governor Arthur Phillip

I saw a statue today of Governor Arthur Phillip I didn’t know existed.

I came into the Botanic Gardens via a different entrance – behind the Conservatorium – to which I normally use.

And there it was, a statue I’ve never seen before. And quite an attractive one too.

It’s hard to believe it’s May and still feeling this warm.

Although I’ve dragged out my track pants for wearing at home at night, I could actually do without them.

And there was one day this week with a slight chill in the air.

But it was only very slight.

Wandering through the gardens wearing shorts and polo shirt, I was surrounded by people similarly dressed, as well as those with light-pullovers and jeans.

Very, very nice.

I’d just spent a few hours in the State Library doing some family history research.

I love it that you can now take along a USB, scan the pages you need, and then come home and look in greater detail. A vast improvement from the days of sitting there squinting in front of microfiche readers.

That research, today and tonight, has taken up most of my day.

A bit of TV tonight… and that was my Saturday.

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