Sunday Sweets

Indian sweets from Maya
Indian sweets from Maya

While half-watching The Logies tonight, I got a craving for something sweet.

One of the great things about living where I do is the great variety of closeby offerings.

So I wandered down the street and got some of those yummy sweets from Maya, an Indian place on Cleveland Street.

Gosh it was good. And because it’s Indian I’m sure it wasn’t at all fattening :)

Other highlights of the day included catching up with friends Patrick and Sam for a coffee this afternoon, and watching The Logies.

The truth be told I haven’t watched The Logies for years.

As a child I used to love watching them, but in adulthood it’s become the show I watch when I want to relax and not think all that much.

One of the issues is I don’t know who half the people are.

I don’t watch all that much television these days. And what I do watch is either on Foxtel or through downlpoads.

So when they announce the award for most popular such and such, I’m lucky to know even half the finalists.

It was quite good fun following the show via Twitter. Thousands of people must have been doing so, since I found it hard to keep up with the Tweets while at the same time Googling to try and find out more about who they were talking about.

I also spent a few hours today watching CNN and Fox and their coverage of the bomb scare in Times Square. It was interesting to note how, since they didn’t have any pictures to tell the story, they adopted a radio format of expert guests on the phone and regular updates.

It’s interesting that, despite the rolling news format, it’s only sparked minor interest on Australian television news tonight.

But then again, if the Americans had The Logies… :)

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  1. not at all fattening…what about GHEE? (it’s okay, what is the fun in a life with no sweets?) I switched on the tv midway through KD Lang’s Hallelujah- wow, some people were truly born with the voices and singing abilities of angels!!! WOW.

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