It’s Not Cold

“What are you doing in my neighbourhood?”, I asked some colleagues who I ran into in Crown Street. They live in Sutherland Shire, and I was surprised to run into them. “Aren’t you cold?’, one of them asked me, remarking on the fact that I was wearing a polo-shirt and jeans. “Not at all”, I replied.

Minutes earlier I’d heard a group of women laughingly comment on a group of people wearing shorts. “Don’t they know it’s winter”, one of them commented with an almost mock indignation. While they were wearing shorts, she was wearing a scarf and a jacket. I swear you’d think she was Anna Karenina on a journey to Siberia they way she was dressed.

And then tonight on Twitter, a friend and colleague commented how cold she was. I replied…

@Tzarimas It is not cold. It is currently 14 degrees. 3 months ago I was in Sweden when it was minus 14. That’s cold. This isn’t !!! :):

What a bunch of wimps, I thought to myself. It’s been a gorgeous day in Sydney. Warm temperatures. The sun has been shining. There’s nothing to complain about, IMHO.

Sydney is not cold in winter
Sydney is not cold in winter

A scarf is nothing more than a fashion statement in Sydney, and if you think it’s cold… get over it!!

After the events of the last couple of weeks, it’s nice to sit back and relax and not do much at all. I woke late, made a coffee, wandered down to that wonderful patisserie on Victoria Street, Darlinghurt, where I had a coffee and a croissant, and since then I’ve been doing little except listen to music, watch a bit of tv, and chat online.

“Lovin’ the long weekend”, I said in sms conversation with Sharron, who’s also been enduring a lot over the last few weeks (and earlier).


I have no plans for the night except a bite to eat, and then to watch the Norwegian/Swedish film, Naboer which screens tonight on SBS2. I saw it a couple of years ago and have been hoping for a repeat screening ever since.

The last time I saw it, I described it in these terms….

“Naboer” (“Next Door”), is one of the most disturbing and scarey movies I have ever seen. Having just finished watching this Norwegian film on Foxtel’s “World Movies”, I’m still a little “on edge”, which may or may not be a good thing for a Sunday morning.

So that’s my Saturday and Saturday night. And for all those complaining about the cold, I’d recommend a glass of red wine, something warm over your knees, and a scarey film on SBS.

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  1. Tom Avatar

    That’s a bit harsh James! Coming from Northern Europe (though not as cold an environment as your adopted homeland) I also scoff at Sydneysiders in their coats and scarves… but in truth the coldest I’ve ever been has been in Sydney. Whilst Northern Europe is not set up for hot summers, Sydney isn’t set up for winters. We don’t have central heating and whilst it’s warm in the sun it’s cold at night and first thing in the morning!

    Although perhaps the reason I’m not entirely on your side on this is that I spent far more money than is polite or sensible on a new scarf as an impulse Duty Free purchase, and I’m bloody well going to get some mileage out of it this “winter”. ;-)

  2. Stephen Avatar

    Honestly some people have no idea when it comes to dressing for the day!
    The first sign of winter and few drops of rain they are rugged up like they are in the middle of a blizzard even tho the sun is shining and it’s something like 15C.
    Here in Australia the city folk amaze me…. I can’t get over how they put on layer over layer ,scarfs, jackets, coats etc…..walking down the mall in and out of shops which are always over heated and very uncomfortable.

    I wont get started on my work place…..that’s another story!

  3. M-H Avatar

    I’m with you, James. I can never believe how much Sydneysiders complain about a slightly chilly (ie lovely fresh) morning. Although I knit jumpers, they are usually light – made with a mixture of something like wool and silk, or light-weight wool. But Tom’s right – Sydney houses aren’t set up for the cold – no draught excluders, no proper curtaining or blinds, often inadequate heating. So I have been colder here than in Palmerston North in New Zealand, which can be miserably cold and damp.

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