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In the midst of another otherwise crazy day at work – I feel like I’m juggling chainsaws at Circular Quay – there was one bright spark. I ordered a DAB+ and WIFI internet radio off the net the other day, and it arrived around lunchtime.

Ever since I bought my WIFI micro system the other week, I’ve become quite a devotee of listening to streaming radio stations, even those actually in Sydney. I like that they’re always available, the “reception” is always there, and I like being able to jump between local and international stations without too much hassle.

And so when I received an ad from Kogan Technologies the other day, advertising a $99 radio which combines both DAB+ (digital radio) and internet streaming, as well as USB and a range of other options, I was quite excited. In fact, I emailed all my colleagues telling them about it too.

Previously it’s retailed for twice that price, and I assume the reduction now is because they have a new, improved model coming out in a couple of weeks.

The new model has stereo speakers (instead of just one for this model), and the design seems a little more modern. But for what I wanted – something for the bedroom – this is ideal.

The reviews I’ve read have been largely positive with one or two negative comments, such as the display being too bright (I disagree) for a bedside radio.

I’m quite impressed with the 15 presets – 5 each for DAB+, FM and internet radio – which is more than enough for me in my bedroom.

It was relatively easy to set up, though the radio didn’t come with a manual, instead you need to download one from the website.

And it sounds pretty good too. The volume would never fill a household, but it’s quite alright for the bedroom. And besides, the neighbours would complain if it was any louder.

Thus, I went to bed early and listened to the radio for much of the night. I’m a nerd, eh?


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