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In the midst of another otherwise crazy day at work – I feel like I’m juggling chainsaws at Circular Quay – there was one bright spark. I ordered a DAB+ and WIFI internet radio off the net the other day, and it arrived around lunchtime.

Ever since I bought my WIFI micro system the other week, I’ve become quite a devotee of listening to streaming radio stations, even those actually in Sydney. I like that they’re always available, the “reception” is always there, and I like being able to jump between local and international stations without too much hassle.

And so when I received an ad from Kogan Technologies the other day, advertising a $99 radio which combines both DAB+ (digital radio) and internet streaming, as well as USB and a range of other options, I was quite excited. In fact, I emailed all my colleagues telling them about it too.

Previously it’s retailed for twice that price, and I assume the reduction now is because they have a new, improved model coming out in a couple of weeks.

The new model has stereo speakers (instead of just one for this model), and the design seems a little more modern. But for what I wanted – something for the bedroom – this is ideal.

The reviews I’ve read have been largely positive with one or two negative comments, such as the display being too bright (I disagree) for a bedside radio.

I’m quite impressed with the 15 presets – 5 each for DAB+, FM and internet radio – which is more than enough for me in my bedroom.

It was relatively easy to set up, though the radio didn’t come with a manual, instead you need to download one from the website.

And it sounds pretty good too. The volume would never fill a household, but it’s quite alright for the bedroom. And besides, the neighbours would complain if it was any louder.

Thus, I went to bed early and listened to the radio for much of the night. I’m a nerd, eh?

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  1. We tried to buy one last Christmas. When we got it home we discovered that the sales person had left a vital connector out of the box. Back we went. Then we discovered that the speaker didn’t work – we could only hear it with earphones. Back we went again, but they didn’t have another one we liked. So we still don’t have one.

    Must chase that up again…

  2. Having been slow to join up I now have two DAB+ radio receivers at home; one in the bedroom and the other in the living room.

    I’ve noticed there is an echo when I have the two switched on at the same time; something that doesn’t happen when I have two analogue(?) radios playing simultaneously. Is this something peculiar to digital?

    1. Victor, it’s because digital equipment processes signals with varying levels of efficiency. It’s the same with internet streaming. Digital televisions are the same, and it’s part of the reason why people have had difficulty syncing up radio broadcasts with digital tv to watch the cricket. James

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