Such A Perfect Day

You know how most couples have “our song”? For my ex and I, “our song”, was always rather oddly I guess, “Perfect Day”. No, not the Lou Reed version that featured in the movie “Trainspotting”, that seemed to be all about taking heroin. Rather, ours was the happy, dance version covered by a band called Indigo.

Ten years later, the song still brings back lovely memories every time I hear it. And tonight I’ve heard a version which contains both the sad and joyous elements on the song: Paul Capsis has covered it on his new CD to be launched Tuesday night.

It’s a great song. A wonderful melody, and lyrics which combine both the happy…

Just a perfect day
drink Sangria in the park
And then later
when it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day
feed animals in the zoo
Then later
a movie, too, and then home

…and the sad.

Just a perfect day
you made me forget myself
I thought I was
someone else, someone good

I brought the CD home from work this evening and I’ve listened to it through twice already.

There are some songs where I feel he’s really made a wonderful contribution with his re-interpretation of an old classic – like “Feelin’ Good” and “The Man That Got Away” – and other times when I am less convinced.

Anyway, aside from the odd moment here and there, I’ve really really enjoyed listening to the CD, and I’m very much looking forward to going to the CD launch on Tuesday night. He’s a fabulous performer and I wish him all the best with this new release.

And for me, it’s a lovely way to wind down after a rather exhausting week. I’ve achieved a LOT this week. I feel I’ve given the taxpayer good value for money.

In fact, the other night when the phone rang I swear I was half asleep when a friend. I called him the following day to apologise if I sounded a little sleepy. “I thought you had the shits with me”, he replied. “No, I was just tired, half-asleep”, I told him.

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  1. That guy who called mustn’t ring you at home much – you are half asleep on the couch about 50% of the times I call you.

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