Monday Monday

It’s amazing the number of people who come in to my office and comment on my new cyclamen. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

A couple of friends gave it to me a few weeks ago when Gloria died. At the time, many of the buds had not opened. Since then, with steady watering and just about the right amount of filtered light, it’s gone from strength to strength. It’s a wonderful, joyous thing to keep me company throughout the day.

And I needed a bit of company today, as the mid-winter flu/cough/cold thing which affected me last week continues to affect some of my colleagues.

It’s a weird one this year. I had a day in bed, and since then have been “just a little bit sick”. A bit of a snotty nose, that’s all. In contrast, a colleague has had most of the last week in bed with a fever, aches and pains. “I was on the phone to my mum crying at how sick I was”, she told me today.

On arriving home tonight I made a pretty simple pasta dish, using probably too much sour cream, and hit the couch. Media Watch, Q&A… that’s about it. That’s my Monday.

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