Second Hand Rose

My new or old, depending on your definition, suit from Vinnies in Surry Hills
My new or old, depending on your definition, suit from Vinnies in Surry Hills

I’ll be nicely dressed at work tomorrow in my new “old” suit. I called in to Vinnies on the way home tonight and picked up a “Marks and Spencer” “Autograph” range suit that fits perfectly and I’ll be wearing it tomorrow. So if I work with you in some way, shape or form, I’ll be looking for compliments.

That’s what I love about op-shop shopping. That it fits. That someone else has already done the the adjustments. Being a shortish-medium height man with an above-average, though not exceptional, waist line, I find most off-the-counter clothing in Australia is generally too long in the leg for me.

A notable exception was the pair of jeans I bought at H&M in Copenhagen a few months ago which fitted off the shelf, both in terms of waist and height measurements.

However, when I buy clothes at second-hand stores I generally find they fit perfectly. I bought a pair of jeans in Coonamble, for example, a few years ago that cost me $2 and were absolutely perfect. I got at least two year’s life out of them.

And that’s what happened tonight. Tonight’s suit fitted perfectly off the rack.

Actually, I needed a bit of retail therapy after work today. In the midst of the usual good stuff, there was also some shitty stuff to deal with also. And so when I left work tonight, and went past Vinnies and saw that it was open, I figured a bit of retail therapy there couldn’t do all that much damage. In total, the suit cost me forty dollars which I think is a bit of a bargain.

I imagine it’s part of the M&S medium price range, though I’ve yet to have that confirmed. When I asked former Pom, now Aussie Tom125 for some advice on Twitter tonight, he just replied… “M&S? Fine for socks and sandwiches… :-P” Bastard!

Anyway I’m looking forward to wearing my new suit tomorrow, though I’ve just got to work out which shirt to wear it with. I’ve got a bit of a flashy function to attend tonight, so I want to look my best… even if it is in a forty dollar suit from Vinnies.

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  1. Ha! You didn’t tell me it was Timothy Everest. He’s normally found on Savile Row, so perhaps there is an M&S on the Row after all. ;-)

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