Putting A Spark In My Thursday

Scott Spark plays The Vanguard
Scott Spark plays The Vanguard

Scott Spark brought a smile to my face tonight. He’s a colleague in ABC Local Radio who is also a singer-songwriter. Although based in Brisbane, he played a one-off gig tonight at The Vanguard in Newtown.

His musical style is as varied as you could imagine. As I listened to his work tonight I heard everything from Whitlamesque (Tim, not Gough) style ballads, 80’s influenced power pop, and even a Christmas song (it was my favourite of the night).

“His songs have a tune”, I mentioned to another colleague who was also in the audience tonight, which I think is a good thing. And he matches this with strong, tight musicianship.

As I watched him play I realised my musical preference is almost always for songs written and performed with a keyboard. I was about to jump off the bridge as I endured the mournful guitar tunes of the support acts. In fact, I genuinely loathed the second support act, and in particular, his song about the vagina (I’m sure my ears weren’t deceiving me). But when Scott came on with bright, varied, and sparkling tunes, it brought a real smile to my face.

Chinese Yuan to AUD
Chinese Yuan to AUD

And just as well, because work is driving me a little insane at the moment, to be honest.

But there’s always tomorrow. At exactly 5.35pm tomorrow, I’ll be on holiday, and on Monday, I’m heading off to China for 2 weeks.

And even better? The dollar is extremely strong at the moment. Although no longer officially linked, the value of the YUAN is usually in sync with the value of the USD.

How f&*(ing fantastic is that!!! ?

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