Not Quite A Winner

In the midst of an otherwise shitty day there was a bright spot. We received the certificate declaring a radio program I was the executive producer of as a finalist in the New York Radio Awards.

In radio terms, the NY Radio Awards are a bit like the Academy Awards or the Emmys. And although the program wasn’t the eventual winner in our category, I was really pleased and excited that we made the finals.

As I’ve implied work is quite busy right now. I’m going on holidays in a few days time, I’m trying to get a lot done before I go. Hence, I’m juggling about ten balls in the air at the moment. All of this means I’m probably trying to squeeze too much into my working day, and probably not getting the balance right.

As a rather famous radio person from New York is often quoted as saying… “It’s not brain surgery, nobody dies” (I sure hope she hasn’t been misquoted). I should remember that, shouldn’t I?

From work, I wandered off to Swedish class. And even though I was feeling a bit sick, and hadn’t done all of my homework (I’d read to page 47, not to page 51 of our text), it was a fun class.

Tonight we spoke with a “real live guest Swede” called Viktor who told us about his long-distance relationship and his favourite tastes in Swedish music which, of course, included ABBA and Kent.

After class, I headed off to the pub, as is my usual want for a Wednesday.

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