Window Peak

Cossies, Surry Hills

As I wandered home from my regular Wednesday night routine – Swedish class, then catching up with mates at the pub – I took a peak through the window at Cossie’s.

Cossie’s is a cafe that’s operated for as long as I’ve lived in Surry Hills. It’s never been glamorous. It’s never been fashionable. But they do an EXCELLENT Club Sandwich. A meal I’ve been missing over the last few months as they’ve been closed for renovations.

The hoardings came down last weekend (I think), and since then the windows have been covered in newspaper. But there are gaps so you can look in.

To be honest, I’m not sure I could see much difference as I had a look through the window. The walls appear to have been painted. The floor looked a little different. They appear to have done some work on the window frames.

But otherwise, it looked like Cossie’s always has: an unpretentious, regular, local cafe. That said, it hasn’t been without its share of glitterati: I saw Blanche d’Apulget there once.

I’m looking forward to the re-open.

Otherwise, it’s been a reasonably unremarkable day. I woke late, got to work a little late. Went to Swedish class – which was very enjoyable tonight – and then caught up with mates at the pub. That’s enough for a Wednesday surely?

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  1. Every Wednesday we’re just “caught up with mates at a pub”??? Well, I think we deserve better than that. Some excited prose about Wednesday nights is surely in order, young man!

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