Scanning The Past

Although I was a reasonably fat as a baby and I’m reasonably fat right now, there was a time from about 1980 to 1990 when I was actually quite thin. In fact, you might say I was waif-like in this particular photograph taken in about 1982. Any wonder my mum kept trying to feed me :)

Waif-like teenage James
Waif-like teenage James

I discovered this photograph which I’d long forgotten while going through some family albums with my sister tonight. The imperative for this particular bout of nostalgic activity was my purchase for her of an electronic photo frame for Christmas. I pre-loaded for her about 50 older and more recent family photographs, mindful that she had a lot of photographs I don’t have copy of. The quid pro quo was that I got copies of lots of photographs, and she got someone to load some more photographs into the frame.

We had a pretty good production line going on. My sister went through the albums identifying suitable photographs for scanning and carefully removing them from the albums, I scanned them and did the appropriate photo-shop work, and my nephew replaced the photographs in the albums. It took us maybe a couple of hours to scan and edit about a hundred photographs. Along the way there was a lot of laughter.

Here’s a couple of favourites from tonight’s activities

Dad with a Visitor in the backyard, probably about 1980
First a photograph of my dad taken in about 1980 I think. As we lived on the outskirts of town, we often had wildlife come into the backyard. Mostly it was cattle from the neighbouring property… or snakes… but on this occasion it was a kangaroo or a wallaby (I can’t tell from the photograph).
Dad, mum and granny at a family wedding
And I love this one taken at my sister’s wedding in 1968 featuring my dad, my mum and my granny. It’s odd to think I’ll be the same age next year as my mum was in this photograph. Dad looks like me may have enjoyed a drink or two. Granny looks grumpy…

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    1. Always a hit. I actually got an email from someone who wrote “We were married in 1970 in Kyogle and the setting must have been so similar – a table behind everyone where presents were placed. We even received [and still have – but we “lost” the little burner underneath] a casserole dish to match the one showing near your Mum’s head.”

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