Strange Twist Of Fate

Wearing the gear she is in, it looks like Pru Goward about the give the other bloke a karate chop on The Drum
Wearing the gear she is in, it looks like Pru Goward was about the give the other bloke a karate chop on The Drum

Another exhausting day, which of course had nothing to do with a late night last night :)

After work today, the best I could do tonight was watch a bit of television, listen to the radio for a while, chat on the phone briefly, and then have a snooze.

I even lost interest half way through watching one of my favourite regular shows, “The Drum”. Waleed Aly was hosting tonight, along with Pru Goward, Glen Milne, and the other bloke whose name I kept missing. After they talked about WikiLeaks and the National Broadband Network, I kinda lost interest. It’s probably a reflection of how tired I was feeling, rather than the lack of intellectual stimulation.

After last night’s dinner and drinks of “The Boozehounds” (my regular dinner companions), I had a mini sleep-in this morning. It was one of those mornings where you wake, think you’ll just have five minutes more thanks to the snooze button, and then you suddenly realise it’s an hour later.

As I continued my sleep-in, I had a dream about having a job interview (which is what I’m doing tomorrow). I’m going to have to look up a dream interpretation site to make sense of it. But anyway, the bottom line is they asked me in my “interview dream” a difficult maths question along the lines of “if you take the total cost of running the rural department, divide by the number of people in the rural department, what’s the cost per minute of their programming output?”. How weird. But anyway, I think I’m going to do the sum just in case it was premonition.

I hardly had time to scratch myself today, as I seek to meet a number of self-imposed deadlines before Wednesday. I’m heading off to see my family for a few days and I’d like to get as much off my plate before-hand.

I’m also mentally preparing myself for my once-every-two-years appearance on radio. I’ve drawn the short straw and am presenting Overnights on Boxing Day. In a strange twist of fate, the bloke who I produced thirty years ago on 2LM Lismore will, in turn, be my producer for this program.

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  1. Good luck with the job interview. And I’ll try and listen in to you on the radio when I get back from the dreaded Gold Coast.

    I’m sorry to read about your friend. I hope he finds peace soon.

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