Summer Skies

We’ve had such beautiful skies in Sydney over the last week. Last weekend I was at Waverly Cemetery where the skies were spectacularly blue. And today, my friend Kate noticed how gorgeous the skies were.

She’s been in Beijing for most of the year where the skies, generally, aren’t all that blue. “It’s so clear and beautiful” she kept saying as we wandered about the city, before finally making our way to the Museum Of Contemporary Art.

While the star exhibit at the MCA right now is the Annie Liebowitz exhibition, we were more interested in the new acquisitions on Level 3 (or was it 4?). There was a terrific video work which, over three panels, featured a cartoon dramatisation of people in the field/outdoors in three quite different locations. There was a great work where someone had reproduced – in pencil – an entire copy of a UK newspaper which announced the death of Judy Garland. And there was a reasonably creepy work which featured a fluffy animal which you thought just sat there, until it moved and scared me half to death.

From there it was home briefly before meeting up with some friends – known from no one as “The Boozehounds” – for dinner and drinks.

We had dinner at Onde, a restaurant on Liverpool Street in Sydney. It’s a great little place with good atmosphere, good food – I had seared calves livers, and good service. It’s highly recommended.

We ended off the night upstairs at Kinselas. On a warm wet night in Sydney, the upstairs bar proved to be both popular (later in the night), and just the right spot to end off the evening.

The clear skies of the day had turned suddenly, dramatically, to rain. But that’s what happens in Sydney at this time of the year.

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