Becoming Regulars

The old fashioned stall at showgrounds and fairs seems to be fast disappearing. Aside from school fetes, gone are the days when you could erect something under a bit of tarp and expect customers to come in their droves. It’s modern life, I guess, though it may also have something to do with food safety laws, I suppose.

At the launch of Chinese New Year in Belmore Park tonight, we noted the arrival of the giant plastic orange and the giant plastic lemon. We also noted the coffee stall was almost palatial.

Giant Orange
Giant Orange

As we walked around and looked at the food people were purchasing, however, we decided that, despite the surroundings, there was much better food to be had in nearby Chinatown.

So, after wandering around the fair for a while, we wandered off in search of something more substantial to eat a few hundred metres away. Although we had decided to try “somewhere new” we ended up at what’s fast becoming a favourite, “Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant”.

Lamb Chops for lunch

As with last time we were there, we ordered that fantastic crushed cucumber dish, and that wonderful chicken and chilli dish (lots of small pieces of chicken cooked in a big bowl of chillis). We also had a great lamb chop with cumin dish that we last enjoyed together when I was visiting Kate in China a few months ago. The presentation this time wasn’t as glamorous as it was at the Sichuan restaurant at the 798 gallery district, but it was still very enjoyable.

One of the waiters gave us both a big smile, recognising Kate and I from the last time we went to Red Chilli. We’re becoming regulars, I guess.

And from there it was a bus trip home, and a night of trying to find something to watch on television.

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