Resuming Normal Transmission

The Box
The Box

In almost the same way that I carried around my new “T-Box” last night, my friend Graeme carried around a box for much of the day and the night. This is the way it is when you have things delivered to your work address because it’s near impossible to organise a home delivery when you work 9-5 weekdays. I shan’t reveal what’s in Graeme’s box, as it’s a bit of a surprise. All I can say is that its bloody heavy. After the summer break, we resumed “normal transmission” tonight. For me, that’s a combination of Swedish class followed by beers and dinner with mates at the pub.

Swedish classes recommenced for 2011 with two new students. One has a Swedish mother, and actually lived and taught in Sweden for a while back in the 1970s. The other comes from Russia, but has also lived in Sweden. It makes for a wonderfully diverse and interesting group of people. Even if I had no interest in learning Swedish, I think I’d still like to go to class :) Tonight’s class was a real job, though it’s becoming increasingly clear we’re a group of people with little interest in grammar and such, and more interest in conversation.

After class, I grabbed a cab and made my way to the pub to catch up with mates. One of the regular crew has been in hospital for an operation, so it was good to see him back and, despite a bit of pain, feeling not so bad. And then of course, there was Graeme and his box. An odd addition to the evening, but it’s great that life is back to normal on a Wednesday night. I love it.

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