State of Denial

The end of this year marks the tenth year anniversary of when my ex and I broke up. Well, strictly speaking, it’s ten years since he dumped me, but that’s just semantics I guess. And while we’ve both moved on in quite different ways, there’s someone at a major Australian bank who clearly thinks we are/should still be together.

As you do, when you’re in a relationship, we had a few things together including home insurance, as well as linked credit card accounts. After five years of active campaigning through phone calls, letters and emails, they made the home insurance changes. They don’t appear, however, to have gotten the message, though about the credit cards.

In 2003, 2007, and now in 2011, they continued to send me a replacement credit card for my card which was linked to his account. Even though we’ve told them three times now we’re no longer in a relationship, and have even received written confirmation they’ve made the changes to the account, they keep sending me replacement cards. The latest arrived in the mail today.

When I checked the mail this afternoon and saw the new credit card ready for use, I’d actually forgotten we had the linked account. I just thought it was a mistake. But then after a few minutes, I remembered we had been through all of this three or four years ago and began to get slightly grumpy. “How many times do I have to tell you?”, I grumbled as I walked around the house.

I texted Damo tonight about this, to which he replied, “you’re fucking kidding”. He’ll call them again on Monday to try and get some closure on this. I’m sure it’s just an error, or perhaps there’s someone at the bank in a state of denial who thinks we/should still be together.

Credit Card Offer
Credit Card Offer

Hopefully, it will all be sorted out. If not, I’m booking an overseas holiday :)

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  1. I love that you texted Damo. I once saw gay men’s ability to remain friends with their exes as “the gay superpower”. It’s something my straight friends don’t understand – “Delete his number!” “Why are you still Facebook friends?” They look a little confused when I shrug and say “Because he’s a nice guy.”

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