Please, not the 70s again

Awful green car on Oxford Street
Awful 70s-inspired green car on Oxford Street last night. Indeed, it's almost a panel van in the kind of colour you associate with awful wimpy 70s-style moustaches

As I walked around Coles at Surry Hills Shopping Mall this afternoon, I noticed a disturbing number of young men sporting rather wimpy-looking moustaches.

They weren’t the full, lush moustache you would find amongst members of the Village People or the Australian Cricket Team in the 1970s. They were more the kind of wimpy bum-fluff moustache I used to have at the age of thirteen in the weeks and months before I began to shave regularly. In essence, they were “Movember Moustaches”.

“But why would people have “Movember Moustaches” in April?”, I thought to myself. On arriving home I did a bit of Google-ing and discovered “Moustache March”, a US-based cancer fundraiser. To the best of my Google-ing ability, the said fundraiser isn’t operating in Australia, though I’ll happily be corrected. I’ll give the half a dozen young men the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re community-minded US expats, because I’d hate to think they thought they actually looked good.

Because in my humble opinion, moustaches never look good. For me, a clean-face looks good, and so does a beard (except when you get into Ned Kelly territory), and a three day growth is pretty fantastic, whereas a moustache always looks a little “try hard”. To maintain a moustache – particularly those ornate ones you sometime see – suggests someone who spends an awful lot of time looking at themselves in a mirror each day.

And they also scream the 1970s. And as much as I love the 70s, I’d hate to think this was the third or fourth 70s revival in my lifetime.

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2 thoughts on “Please, not the 70s again

  1. I saw a young guy with a bum fluff moustache and goatee yesterday. Looked very sexy, combined with skin hugging black jeans and outrageously pointy shoes.

  2. Unfortunately it is now the trend. I recently questioned why so many men (well just men, usually late teens early 20s) were going for the “I want to be a porn star” look. Combined with the unbelievably tight jeans and stretched neck on the t-shirt, the bum fluff moutsache is what the trendies males are sporting.

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