Royal Wedding

Within seconds of Kate’s brother, James Middleton appearing on screen I was on Google typing “James Middleton is….” and even before I finished the sentence the Google auto-suggest came up with “James Middleton Gay”. How did Google know what I was going to type?

Of course, it’s wrong to suggest and generalise purely on the basis of appearance and profession – he designs cakes for a living – but, obviously like many others, I got a certain vibe from James Middleton as I watched the Royal Wedding. And I wasn’t the only one, as there have now been several several news reports about the Google auto-suggest, and within minutes a friend tweeted… “So will the brother hook up with Thorpie?”. Twitter… it’s terrible, isn’t it?

For me, that was probably one of the highlights of the Royal Wedding which I thought was, otherwise, a little boring. Well, aside from the Lady GaGa-inspired hat worn by Princess Beatrice which about which another friend tweeted, “I can see Fergie’s influence on her daughters’ outfits!”.

It was all a bit stage-managed, in my view. Everything went according to plan. There were no gaffs, like when Diana messed up Charles name. Prince Phillip didn’t fall asleep. Prince Harry didn’t forget the ring. And although I know lots of people were tweeting about how emotional it was, I was left cold.

Maybe it’s because I’m a man? I read earlier today about how women in Australia were completely interested/obsessed by the wedding, and men in Australia had absolutely no interest. That’s pretty much my observation from chatting with friends, family and colleagues, also. I just couldn’t get into it, despite trying, and even nodded off for a while. I missed the kiss.

And “Holy Ghost”? What was that about? Don’t we say “Holy Spirit” these days?

For me, the the all-time best Royal Wedding was the marriage of Mary Donaldson to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. On top of the Australian and Scandinvian connections, I actually got a sense of real romance and emotion in that one.

As I noted at the time

1. They seem like they’re really in love. Fred was almost in tears when Mary walked down the aisle.

2. Mary is a real commoner, not a pretend commonner. Her family house reveals she comes from an ordinary family. It’s a bit “Muriel-like”.

3. The Danish royal family seem quite nice. They appear to be nice people. There doesn’t seem to br a sense of “marrying for the wrong reason”. I thought it was terrific when the Queen kissed Fred on the cheek… can’t imagine QEII doing that.

If we’re going to continue to have a Royal Family in Australia, I really think we should ditch the British Royal Family and go with the Danes. After all, the future King is half-Australian anyway.

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  1. So is he or not? I didn’t take to him. With a surname like yours, of course you wouldn’t like the English wedding.

  2. Gosh! The entire thing left this woman cold.

    I was infinitely more interested in sitting in the pouring, freezing rain watching the ducks lose at the SCG. What wedding?

    Am all about the Dames taking over. I would love to know who was responsible for Mary’s re-styling into gorgeous princess – she’s so poised and elegant and regal. Would that we could all be like that!

  3. James Middleton is not gay. He doesn’t really design cakes either, but has a business selling cake kits to people to make their own, that fits in with his parents’ party supply business.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the coverage, until the BBC started interviewing commoners which is when the whole thing went distinctly down hill!

  4. James Middleton may not be gay but according to some Google results he likes wearing french maid and other dresses. Typical Englishman evidently.

  5. James Middleton may not openly identify as Gay but I reckon he’s a card carrying horse’s hoof.

  6. well i must be one of the few females that missed the entire thing!!! although I would have liked to have seen a bit out of curiosity since it was one of the big “world events” LOL…

    I read an article saying that the Middleton party company is worth 30 million POUNDS??! It just seems weird to me the notion of LOADED “commoners”.

    And those two ghastly outfits on the two princesses first thought that came to mind (not very nice!)was cinderella’s ugly stepsisters(!) they could use some of their new cousin’s fashion sense!

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