The worst day of the year

Is this the worst day of the year or what? For the last six months, I’ve been arriving home from work most days and there’s been time to go for a walk, sit outside in the sunshine, and do all kinds of lovely things. But then tonight, just before six I looked out my window and noted it was almost dark. Oh my goodness, I hate the winter!

This might seem odd for a Swedo-phile to say, but I really don’t like the cold and I really don’t like the winter. I like my sunshine. My ideal months are probably spring and autumn when all feels good with the world, though summer is pretty good too. But winter, even in a mild climate like Sydney, I mean, what kind of season is that?

Getting dark on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
Getting dark on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

For us in Sydney, winter is the time when we go week after week when it’s cold and wet. When we’re forced to wear scarves. When we’re forced to wear “Melbourne Clothes”. When we need to drag out the heaters even if there’s only a borderline differentiation between needing and not needing them. And when we, inevitably go a little stir-crazy after three or four days when it rains, and when it’s cloudy and dark. Put simply, we’re not a city built for winter.

And nor am I.

Mixed entree and fish cakes
Mixed entree and fish cakes

And tonight it all started again. And I face this year without any clear travel plans, aside from a trip home to Lismore to visit my family, and maybe an interstate trip or two with work. But so far, I have nothing in mind which would allow me a break in the middle of another bleak winter.

Hey, I know it could be worse. I could live in the north of Sweden and experience several months of almost complete dark, followed by several months of almost complete light. It’s all relative I guess.

Anyway, so after coming home, I decided to head out for a quick meal too, hopefully, improve my mood. I went to my nearby thai and enjoyed just a couple of entrees. Pure bliss. But I still can’t help but feeling it’s the start of a long, awful period of dismal weather until spring kicks in again sometime in August. Best of all? The first weekend of October when daylight saving commences again.

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  1. The cold and the rain I can deal with, it’s the short days/lack of light I can’t handle. My productivity out of work hours almost comes to a standstill – you get home and you want to watch TV, surf the net and go to bed – nothing else. I also think it gets worse as I get older – no idea why.

  2. sheesh what a dramatic title for a post. I was expecting something much more hollywood worthy, lol

    you should head north for the winter bellinen and byron are nice warm escapes :)

    not sure whether it’s the cold the wet or the dark that’s the worst…

    and on the upside it’s great weather for steamed dumplings, soup noodles, barbequed meats and curries :)

    i’m not feeling it too bad i spent a lot of my summer in vic- and it was hot hot hot AND cold cold cold. too many extremes in a day…I think I prefer when I know what clothes to be prepared with when I go out!

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