Cheer Up

Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

When I caught the bus to work this morning, I noticed everyone at the bus stop had a very grumpy look on their faces.

I catch the bus when it rains, so I can avoid having to worry about an umbrella. Pretty much, I can walk to the bus stop undercover, catch the bus, and then walk the rest of the way to work without getting wet.

But as I say, everyone looked pretty grumpy.

“Cheer up Sydney – the weather’s not that bad”, I tweeted. By mid-afternoon I was beginning to think I was wrong. And then just after five o’clock as it was well and truly dark as I looked out my office window, I realised I was definitely wrong.

We don’t cope so well with the rain in Sydney. It’s something quite foreign to us, and so when it happens, none of us are all that well prepared and we go into hibernation. Tonight, for example, many of the shops and restaurants in Surry Hills have closed early, presumably due to the rain.

Late tonight, it’s still raining heavily. I hate it. About the only cheerful thing on the horizon is my forthcoming trip to Sweden. Roll on summer, roll on…

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