Love This City – Vivid Festival

Sometimes the Opera Bar can be frustratingly crowded. In contrast to the “old days” when Opera Bar only attracted a handful of theatre-goers prior to an opening night, these days it’s usually very, very busy, especially on weekends, and particularly during summer.

Although my friend Colin and I had agreed to meet at four-thirty, circumstances ensured that I arrived half-an-hour earlier. And as I stood at the bar and ordered a glass of wine, I looked around and noticed things weren’t all that busy, and thankfully as I stood and waited for my glass of wine a nearby table with great views became free.

And that’s where we sat for the next couple of hours, enjoying a glass of wine, enjoying the view, enjoying the overhead heater, and enjoying a terrific meal. For the entree, we chose the Antipasto which was good, and for the desert, we chose the Pear Tart which was fantastic. Highly recommended. We didn’t worry about mains.

Minutes before the desert arrived, the light show commenced on the Opera House sails. I love the way the lights “played” with and imitated the patterns of the tiles, and then minutes later went kinda crazy with swirls and other wonderful patterns.

Later we wandered around and looked at some of the many light sculptures around Circular Quay. As much as the projections on places like the Opera House and Customs House are spectacular crowd pleases, so too are these wonderful sculptures. As well as being visually very interesting, it was great to see the wide-eyed smiles on the faces of young children as they interacted with these sculptures and had their photographs taken with him.

In the midst of a near-winter night in Sydney, it was great to see so many people rugged up, and walking around Circular Quay, enjoying this rather wonderful arts festival.

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