Common Ancestry

2011 Love Family Reunion at Rockhampton
2011 Love Family Reunion at Rockhampton

If you look closely at the faces of the people in this photograph, there’s bound to be someone who looks a bit like me. All of these people and I have the same ancestry: a couple called John and Elizabeth Love who came to Australia in 1792.

John Love, his wife Martha, and his daughter Elizabeth came to Australia on the “Matilda” which departed from Portsmouth, England on March 27, 1791. He was a member of the newly formed NSW Corps, whose role was to supervise convicts. Although I’ve yet to determine what happened, it’s said “an incident occurred” on April 30, 1791 on the ship which resulted in Love being demoted. Part of the Third Fleet, the ship arrived in Sydney on August 1, 1791.

Although probably desperately poor in England, the personal prosperity of the Love family improved significantly during their first few years in Australia. On February 20, 1794, Love was granted thirty acres of land at “The Ponds”, and on March 14, 1795, a further ninety acres of prime land at “The Field Of Mars”. The land was in the modern day suburb of Eastwood, with the historic “Eastwood House” now located on the land given to him. He later leased that land at “The Field Of Mars” to Captain William Kent, nephew of Governor Hunter. By 1805, the records indicate Love had purchased a further fifty acres of land at Seymour Redbank and employed three men. On August 25, 1812, Love was granted a further forty-five acres of land at Upper Minto on the Nepean River, adjoining the farm of his son-in-law, John Hoare.

Despite this apparent prosperity, his career in the NSW Corps was, at best, a mixed affair.

You can read more about the family story here.

Tonight I received via email some photograhps of the Love Family and Descendants Reunion held last weekend at the Keppel/Capricorn Rooms, Frenchville Sports Club. 105 Clifton Street, NORTH ROCKHAMPTON.

A book on the Love Family Descendants and Associated Families “A Family began with Love” was also launched and became available for sale at $45 per copy.

For more details, contact Lyle & Margaret Cooper, 11 Kernel Street, The Gap Qld 4061 Ph: 07 33122365 0427 122440

Thanks to Lyle and Margaret, here are some more photographs from the day.