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  • Black and White Family Photographs in Colour

    Black and White Family Photographs in Colour

    With a bit of free time on my hands over the last few weeks, I’ve been using a website to colourize some old family photographs I’d only ever seen previously in black and white.… Read the rest

  • Waverley Cemetery

    Waverley Cemetery

    A friend and I went on a walk this morning, hosted by the Friends of Waverley Cemetery, which was excellent. We were the only two on the tour, so it was very personalised, and our guide, who was passionately interested in history, even helped find the grave of one of my ancestors.… Read the rest

  • Genealogy Rant

    Genealogy Rant

    I have been active genealogist for most of my life. Early in the piece I would use all manner of software, including Family Tree Maker etc. But as my interests moved on from compiling extensive lists and gedcom files, to being more about the story, I haven’t bothered so much with that kind of approach anymore.… Read the rest

  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    It’s so funny meeting people who know people you know, but who not so many people know anymore. Below, you’ll see the black and white photograph of my mum and my granny I showed to an older, family member I met at yesterday’s Rixon-Goodwin Family Reunion at Windsor in Sydney’s West.… Read the rest

  • Upcoming Rixon / Goodwin Family Reunion

    Upcoming Rixon / Goodwin Family Reunion

    Through my mum’s side of the family, I’m a descendant of the convicts, James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin, who came (were sent) to Australia in 1798 and 1800 (respectively). For many years, James was buried in an unmarked grave at Windsor in the (now) western suburbs of Sydney, until a couple of years ago when a plaque was placed on the nearest approved approximation known to where he was actually buried.… Read the rest

  • War Bride

    War Bride

    My latest family history project is trying to connect with the story of my cousin, Lyla Brown/Curtis, who married an American soldier in the 1940s, and who went to live in the US.… Read the rest