It Got Better

At about eleven o’clock yesterday morning, my friend Colin and I were chatting on the phone. With plans to head out somewhere for lunch, we both complained about the continued wet weather in Sydney. Four or five days of non-stop and reasonably heavy rain, and we were both pretty sick of it.

But by the time I had arrived at Colin’s place, an hour or so later, the rain had all but cleared. My jacket, which had been keeping me both warm and dry was now making me feel hot and humid.

Sheesh, the weather can change quickly in Sydney, though the forecast is for a return to continued rain by about Wednesday.

Lunch? We went to a little cafe/restaurant on Oxford Street called, Avido. When we arrived at about 12.30, it was all but empty. An hour later, it was quite lively and busy.

Colin had the scrambled eggs with truffles, errr… with truffle oil (which caused a bit of confusion and embarrassment), and I had the risotto (which was very nice indeed). They weren’t amazing meals by any stretch of the imagination, but they were good, and the staff were cheerful and friendly.

Otherwise, it’s been a reasonably quiet weekend.

As I mentioned the other day, I’m all a bit tired at the moment as a result of working too many hours. I was in at work again today, though managed to pop out for a while to enjoy some beautiful BBQ pork at the nearby Emperor Garden.

But here it is, Sunday night, and I’ve had a brief nap on the couch, chatted with my friend Sue on the phone, and so I’m feeling much better.

The next week should, hopefully, be a little easier. I’ve got a bunch of “to do’s” left over from last week, and then hopefully there should be a bit of plain sailing ahead of me. Yay….

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  1. Hey I appear! Life has been so busy for both of us I feel like we never talk anymore.

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