Randwick Bells Are Ringing

It was so very sad to hear today of the death of an Australian musical legend.

I’ve met him on several occasions over the last twenty years.

It was probably 1990 (or maybe 1989) when I first witnessed his “magic” at the Barmera Country Music Festival in South Australia (I was living in Renmark at the time). The thing I remember most about that night was the way in which Jimmy Little could “capture” an audience with his gentle nature and honesty. There was a point, I remember, where he wasn’t so much “singing” as “whispering”, and he had the audience in the palm of his hands. I saw him on many occasions over the years, in both Sydney and Tamworth, in particular, where he demonstrated this gift once again,

Jimmy Little
Jimmy Little

There were several occasions since when I, in my capacity as a radio presenter, interviewed him. As an interview guest, he was always honest. Although some musicians will gild the lily and put things “on” to an extent, he never seemed to do that. He just answered your questions.

And who can forget the CD “Messenger”? It was an album which I’ve played many times, and which I brought out tonight to play. I have an autographed copy. The song “Randwick Bells” is one of my favourites because, again, of its honesty and authenticity.

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  1. What a delight to hear Jimmy Little’s version, having long enjoyed the song by Paul Kelly… it makes me want to hear more by Jimmy Little.

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