The Friendly Bus Driver

Not the actual bus.
Not the actual bus.

Have just sent the following note to Sydney Buses…

I know you get lots of complaints. Previously I’ve complained about drivers who fail to stop. But today, I’d like to pass on a compliment about the driver of the 393 route, bus 4873 which just brought me home from Railway Square. He greeted everyone with a smile and a “how are you”, and as people got off he wished them well. You could “feel” the impact it had on passengers to be welcomed on a bus. So, a big thumbs up to the driver, and I hope he does well and continues to maintain his positive energy.

Hoping you might encounter this driver on your next Sydney bus trip

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  1. James O'Brien


    The compliments must be few and far between. Even though I didn’t ask for a reply, I received the following…

    Dear James,

    Thank you for offering a compliment. Your email has been forwarded to State Transit Authority.

    Your case reference number is: 6253179

    Thank you for providing feedback to Transport for NSW.



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