Millers Point

“We’re just trying to brighten up the area”, the woman who was painting a “mural” on the windows of a house in Sydney’s Millers Point told me, as I asked her if she minded if I took a photograph. Although I’d read and heard about the plan to relocate some Housing Commission residents from Millers Point, it wasn’t issue I was fully across. I visit the area probably only once or twice a year. Nor was I aware of the local campaign currently underway to stop this. It was an interesting diversion along the way, as we took part in a Craft Beer Tour. I wished her good luck, as we continued to The Lord Nelson for a late afternoon bevvy.

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  1. Re Millers Point Housing commission residents. I do feel for anyone who suddenly finds themselves without a home, however I believe these tenants are to be re-housed. Now I can understand many may not want to leave the area in which they have lived for many years, but sometimes we all have to make a change, for various reasons. I will have to make a change in the next few years, I don’t want to, but I know it must happen. The houses at Millers Point are tenanted. Do the tenants care for these houses? The tenants may love living in the area, but do they love their houses, and care for them?
    My late husband’s ancestor was George Morris, owner & resident of a home in Millers Point in the 1880’s. He came here as a convict in 1817 on the “Morley”, his wife & children followed a couple of years later, & more children were to be born & become good Australian citizens. George & Ann Morris became the owners of Inns in early Sydney, the “Greyhound”, “Australian” (once property of Isaac Nichols in George Street, adjacent to King’s wharf), & “Crown & Anchor” & despite his convict background, George, his wife & family did well for themselves in Sydney. Recently some houses in Millers Point were sold, for a high price, one of those houses being the past home of George Morris. An Open House day was held & one of the descendants of George went along to see and walk through this house that his ancestor once lived in. A copy of the book “Upon an Extensive Scale – The George Morris Story….1782-1842” written by my late husband, was left with the Real Estate Agent, who, when the house was sold, passed the book onto the new owners & the Agent contacted me to tell me of this.
    I am glad to know the new owners can read about the early days of this house & about the Morris family, once proud owners of this once lovely house, which I hope will become lovely again.
    There are many beautiful old homes in Millers Point, but they are falling into rack & ruin for lack of tender loving care.
    I do hope the present tenants will be well cared for, but I also hope this area can once more become a lovely part of Sydney which can be admired by many locals and visitors to our country.

  2. I wonder if some are still families connected to wharf workers? It is a difficult matter. So many more people could be housed from the money raised by the property sales, but to take people away from an area they have lived perhaps for decades could be seen as quite cruel.

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