Leaving Stockholm

“Did I just hear you make another little sigh…? Sandra asked. With only a few hours left in Stockholm before heading to New York, I’d apparently developed a bit of a “sigh” whenever I saw something really wonderful. I wasn’t consciously doing it, though clearly the thought of leaving Stockholm was weighing on my mind. I really love it here, and though I’m looking forward to travelling to New York, I’m a little sad to be leaving.

Anthony and I started the day with visits to the ABBA Museum (his idea, not mine) and The Vasa Museum. As I’d previously visited the ABBA Museum (hey, I was here for the opening in 2013), I wasn’t all that keen at first. I still really enjoyed the visit, and especially since the museum has expanded the “Swedish Music Hall Of Fame” focussing on other Swedish performers also. This was also my second visit to The Vasa Museum. A couple of years ago Sue and I were also hoping to visit, though it was under renovation at the time. Though the ship remains the centre-piece of the museum, there were also some wonderful artefacts as well as some modern re-creations which made it an extremely worthwhile place to visit.

After lunch, we were joined on a three hour trip to and from Vaxholm. Great conversation. Great views. Yummy food and wine. How could you top that? Well by calling in to a bar on the waterfront. I think it was there that I developed the sigh. The water. The weather. The people.

Robert then joined us for dinner at Urban Deli. A few drinks later, and it was time to come home. “Sometime we’ll both live in the same city”, I said to Sandra towards the end of the night.

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